Blog May 21, 2021
Bab L' Bluz Releases New Video for “El Gamra”

So psychedelic it literally comes with a warning label: Moroccan-French, award-winning fusion group Bab L’Bluz just dropped a video for their new tune “El Gamra.”

For those who can tolerate a lot of flickering light—I mean, a lot of it—here we go:

The band is fresh from winning the Songlines Music Award 2021 FUSION category and a five-star review from Songlines magazine for their album Nayda!. The tune is a celebration of the moon and its restorative powers, inviting us all to join in the nayda movement, a word that means both “rise up” and “party” and is a nickname for the wave of Moroccan artists and musicians who celebrate local traditions and sing songs of freedom.

“Gnawa music is healing music,” frontwoman Yousra Mansour says via press release, “You know this the moment you hear it.”

Of course, that Bab L’Bluz absolutely rips is not news to longtime Afropoppers, but it’s great to see them getting some love. You can pick up a copy of Nayda! in its entirety right here.

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