Blog September 10, 2021
DJ M-Point Dishes up "Amapiano Vs. Kwai-Jazz Mix Session"

Hello and Moloweni to all! This is Matthew Key AKA DJ M-Point from "The Loxion Music Mix Show.” In October 2020, I co-hosted the Afropop Worldwide episode “G.C.’s Roadshow: From Kwaito to Amapiano," which documented the newest fusion of kwaito and contemporary jazmusic, Amapiano, and an earlier predecessor, kwai-jazz.

Earlier this month, I compiled a mix of some Amapiano and kwai-jazz tunes in my collection and uploaded them to my YouTube channel at

The mix is titled "M-Point Presents: AmaPiano vs. Kwai-Jazz Mix Session" and I hope you all enjoy the smooth and danceable rhythms of the two subgenres that fuse kwaito and contemporary jazz!

Track listing:


De Mthuda - Green Apples

Dzo (AudionicSouls) ft Tumza Dkota - iSukile

The Squad - Guitar Groove

Devine Souls - Slyza Tsotsi

Vertigo Da Nation - Kabza Flava

CooperMatiq MusiQ - Friends Family

De Mthuda - Plantations

The Squad ft. Doom Keys - Burnout

Teno Afrika ft. Diego Don and Stylo Music - Conka

Son of eSwatini - Bambela


Sipho Hot Stix Mabuse - Jive Kwaito

Don Laka - Mamelodi

Meet my Tempo - U know my song

Dennis Mpale - Do like Miles

LM Jam - S'bali Jakarumba

Zemene - Kawenzenjani

Arthur - Gravy Train

Joe Nina ft. Lindelani Mkhezi - Siyaya (France 98)

M'du - Hello (Instrumental)

Don Laka - Happy Day (Wedding Song)

Trompies - If you can't beat them, join them

Thebe - Phily (Original Slam)

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