Videos July 11, 2022
Emmanuel Jal Launches Seventh Album With Video "Shangah"

"Shangah" is the title track to Emmanuel Jal's seventh studio album, which means " I am, I have been. I want to create music which pays homage to my heritage whilst paving a positive way forward for my people.” - Emmanuel Jal.

The songs and the visuals combine South Sudanese lyrics with familiar Congolese riffs offering up a catchy retro sounding track which Jal intends “the aunties and uncles to also dance to.” The music video directed by Ogega Andere was shot in downtown Nairobi with the visuals capturing iconic images from the 1970s and '80s with vintage fashion and looks.

Artist: Emmanuel Jal

Music Producers: Jesse Bukindu & Mandalorian

Copyright: Gatwitch Records 2022

Distribution: Sudohits

Video Director: Ogega Andere

Executive Producer: Tania Campbell Golding

Styling: Brian Babu

Location: Downtown Nairobi, Kenya

Editor: Lawrence Odiwa

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