Blog September 10, 2020
O.K. Jazz Bolero Compilation Coming Out Oct. 12

Having already put together a fantastic compilation of famed Congolese guitar master Docteur Nico and two era-specific compilations of T.P. OK Jazz, we’re eagerly anticipating the Belgian label Planet Ilunga’s upcoming release, Pas Un Pas Sans... The Boleros of O.K. Jazz 1957-77.

Congolese interpretations of Cuban musical forms, by L’African Jazz, African Fiesta and others, are ground zero for the explosion of innovative guitar genres all across the continent in the post-colonial era. OK Jazz, led by their guitarist Franco and vocalist Vicky, developed their own takes on the merengue, cha cha and rumba, but they especially excelled at the bolero.

Per the press release:

The slow form of the bolero allowed Franco, who said in various interviews that he loved all forms of "slow music," to express his most profound soul stirrings and create a style of his own. With the suave voice of Vicky and the breathtaking and dramatic guitar touch of Franco, O.K. Jazz was able to capture the true essence of the bolero.

The two-disc, vinyl-only compilation will feature 24 tracks and come with a 32-page booklet, featuring lyrics, photographs and context. Email for more information and to preorder.

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