Blog April 2, 2020
Quarantunes: '70s Highlife Music of Ghana and Nigeria

With the present weighing just a bit too heavily, today's Quarantune is going to whisk you away to '70s Ghana and Nigeria, where people are riding horses in the street, gathering at dancehalls and spinning to high energy, funky highlife music.

I wish I knew more about...well, everything in this documentary—at least some captions explaining where everything is taking place. All the music is just spectacularly fun and all of the establishing shots of the cities are fascinating. There's an amazing contrast between the first recording set-up and the later, lavish recording studio—maybe Decca's famous Accra studio, or the later Lagos one?

I really think that we need a period-piece set in this world, so as you're grooving on the couch—or around the living room; no one can judge you—work out a plot for that. Something like Purple Rain but more Ghana and less Minnesota. Have a treatment on my desk in the morning.

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