Blog March 25, 2020
Quarantunes: Cesaria Evora's Last Concert, Lisbon 2010

Anyone enjoying being free of FOMO yet? I know it's because there is nothing going on because we're all quarantined, but shouldn't that feel good? Nothing to fear missing out on? I know I should be enjoying this zen-like liberation from the world of “plans”, “events” and “a social life,” but people keep using words like “epicenter of the pandemic” to describe where I live and, in comparison, feeling like someone else somewhere else might be having more fun that you just doesn't really register.

Today we're watching Cesaria Evora, the legendary singer from Cape Verde. I'll admit, I know her more as a reference than as an artist—Cape Verde has a lot of great musicians, a good number of which follow in Evora's footsteps, singing folk-inflected genres like morna. But I've never spent much time with Evora herself.

To judge from the description, this was Evora's last public concert, in Lisbon on May 8, 2010. Two days after this concert, Evora had a heart attack and retired from performing. So, you know, if you're not feeling generous about how little she moves around on stage, just keep that in mind.

Watching—well, mostly just listening—to this show was, for me, going to the source. We love Cape Verdean music around here, and even at the end of her career, you can see why Evora was the standard by which it was all still judged.

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