Blog August 4, 2021
South Sudanese-Australian Artist Gordon Koang Releases Banger “Disco”

The bad news is that Gordon Koang’s anthem against coronavirus—which seemed like it might soon be delegated to “charming artifact of an era”—once again seems like a “song about and for the moment we’re living in.” However, the good news is that Gordon Koang just released the second digital A-side to “Coronavirus.” Recorded in Melbourne, Australia in 2020 but written way back in 1997, hear Koang’s “Disco” right here:

Trading in the other A-side’s English for rapidfire Neur, Koang recorded “Disco” with his cousin Paul and their new band comprising Zak Olsen, Jack Kong, Jesse Williams and David “Daff” Gravolin. I love a good tell-off to a disease, but I can't deny the visceral thrill of this propulsive tune—it's easy to see why it has been a live show highlight for so long.

The songs are available digitally now and can be preordered on 12-inch vinyl, which comes with “a pull-out poster from Gordon, encouraging listeners to stay positive during this difficult time,” from Music in Exile.

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