Videos January 12, 2024
The Afro-Semitic Experience: "Unity in the Community"

The Afro-Semitic Experience is a six-piece ensemble of Jewish and African-American musicians dating back to the late 1990s, when Hartford-based pianist and vocalist Warren Byrd and bassist David Chevan met at a jam session. A quarter-century later, their trademark blend of original soul, jazz and gospel creations continues to deepen.

On January 19, their new album Our Feet Began to Pray drops on Reckless DC Music. These 14 grooving, soulful tracks are made to order to calm the turbulent waters of a tense and tendentious moment in our national story. The title track was inspired when Chevan joined a march to protest the murder of George Floyd and were corralled by police across a bridge in a moment reminiscent of Selma and the Edmund Petus Bridge in 1965.

Today, the album rollout begins with this stirring video of the lead track, “Unity in the Community.” We can only hope that the sentiment sets a new mood for a new year, despite all its potential perils.

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