Afropop Classic August 24, 2023
Loketo Live in NYC

In 1989, Congolese soukous had ignited dance floors across the continent, and in European cities, especially Paris. And now it was arriving in America. One of the most hard-working and polished of many Congolese groups was Loketo, headed by singer Aurlus Mabele and ace guitarist Diblo Dibala. Keen to document the moment, Afropop Worldwide recorded the band at SOB's in New York City, then the gateway for African groups seeking to tour in America. The presenter of that concert, Alex Boicel, recalls to this day how that SOB's show captured the magic of Loketo like no other. All these years later, the music still sounds as fresh as the day it was played!

Originally produced by Sean Barlow in 1990.

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