Hip Deep June 20, 2013
Rio 2: Samba Strikes Back

Part two of our Hip Deep series on the music of Rio de Janeiro picks up the samba story where we left off in the 1960s, tracing the rhythm as it transforms and reappears throughout the many popular music forms that developed in Rio in the later 20th century. Scholar Frederick Moehn, author of a book about samba and pop music titled Contemporary Carioca, shows us how samba's shadow reappears in the youth music of MPB stars Pedro Luis and Marcos Suzano, and how a samba revival led by young artists in the Lapa neighborhood revitalizes Rio’s urban core. Arriving in the 21st century, we see how samba’s footprint continues to reverberate in Rio today, in the form of the electronic tamborizão rhythm behind funk carioca tracks , and in the beats of Brazilian hip-hop pioneer Marcelo D2. (Produced by Marlon Bishop, 7/26/12)


Artists Featured

'90s-'00s Samba Rockers Pedro Luis e a Parede Monobloco Marcos Suzano Lenine

(Pedro Luis e a Parede)

Roots Samba Revivalists Teresa Cristina Alfredo del Penho

(Teresa Cristina)

Young Rio Voices Lucas Santtana Pedro Moraes Kassin +2

(Lucas Santtana)

Samba Meets Hip-Hop Marcelo D2

Neo-Baile Funk Leo Justi Zuzuka Poderosa


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