Meet the Host

Born in Cameroon, Georges Collinet is one of the best-known and best-loved broadcasters on the African continent. Known to his fans as “Maxi Voom Voom,” Georges’ French and English language music programs on the Voice of Americahave attracted millions of listeners. Georges also hosts a television show connecting leading public policy and cultural figures around the continent.

Throughout his career, Georges has played a key role in connecting the U.S., Europe and Africa. Georges worked with African musicians in Paris during the ’70s and early 80s, supporting their efforts to retain African roots in their music and to develop a distinctive, professional sound. Since 1988, he has hosted Afropop and Afropop Worldwide, the award-winning series heard on public radio throughout the U.S., Europe and Africa. Georges most recently hosted the Kora All Africa Music Awards in Johannesburg, South Africa, televised to millions of viewers all across Africa, Europe and Asia.

Georges is currently hosting and directing a television series filmed around the continent focusing on conflict resolution in Africa. He is also developing an television newsmagazine of news and features from Africa. Georges is a warm, relaxed music enthusiast who brings charisma, energy and excitement wherever he goes.

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