Michael Jones

Michael Jones is an award-winning audio engineer based in Brooklyn, NY. Educated at UNCA (BS) and NYU (MMMT), he has worked in the audio production industry since 1992. Michael began his recording career playing in bands and engineering at studios in North Carolina and NYC. Currently, he works in the international film and television industry as a location sound recordist & post-production engineer, specializing in documentary films. He has recorded music and production sound throughout Central and South America, the Caribbean, West Africa, Greenland, Iceland, Laos, Philippines, Kenya, and almost every U.S. state and E.U. country. In addition to cinematic releases, his work has been broadcast on HBO, CNN, National Geographic Channel, PBS, Discovery Channel, Food Network, Arte, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Apple+, NPR, CBC and more.

Click here to view Michael Jones' IMDb page; his website is jonesaudio.com. Currently, Michael is the chief audio engineer and co-producer of PRX's Peabody Award-winning Afropop Worldwide, and its accompanying podcasts. Even after 3 decades of helping produce content for Afropop, he's still amazed at what the program teaches about the music and culture of Africa and the African diaspora.

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