Michael Jones

Michael Jones is a producer, sound recordist and audio post-production engineer. He is also the founder of Studio 44 in Brooklyn, NY—where Afropop Worldwide is produced. He has recorded music and production sound throughout Central and South America, the Caribbean, West Africa, Greenland, Iceland, Laos, Philippines, and almost every U.S. state and E.U. country. In addition to cinematic releases, his work has been broadcast on HBO, CNN, the National Geographic Channel, PBS, the Discovery Channel, A&E, The Food Network, DIY, Arte, NPR, The CBC and PRI among others. Click here to view Michael Jones' IMDb page. Currently, Michael is the chief audio engineer and coproducer of PRI’s Peabody Award-winning Afropop Worldwide. He is also currently one of two sound supervisors for Barnwood Builders on the DIY network.

Website: Jones Audio

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