Videos January 26, 2024
Afropop Top Videos for January 2024

Kickoff 2024 entries to the Afropop Top Video playlist with six great new entries. Topping the list are two featuring today’s Mama Africa, Angelique Kidjo, continuing her role as generational bridge-builder through superb collaborations with current Afrobeats stars Mr. Eazi and Davido, the latter video also featuring The Cavemen. Remember, if you have suggestions of videos our fans would love, send them to info@afropop.orgwith the subject line “Top Videos 2024.” Enjoy!

Mr Eazi feat. Angelique Kidjo: Òròkórò'

This video debuts today, dramatizing one of the key tracks on Mr Eazi’s expansive 2023 album The Evil Genius. Eazi discusses the album and this song in particular in our Planet Afropop exclusive interview, highly recommended. There’s a deep link between these two artists, forged in this song for the ages.

Davido, feat. The Cavemen, Angelique Kidjo: “Na Money”

Set in a French mansion, this high-production video imagines a luxurious Afrofuturistic gathering hosted by a rather regal Davido. The fashion statements alone will blow you away. But the neo-highlife groove and winning vocal performances, Davido cooing, and Kidjo growling, seal the deal nicely.

SInkane: “How Sweet is Your Love”

It’s been almost five years since we heard new tunes from Sudanese-American rocker Sinkane. In advance of his upcoming album We Belong, the Brooklyn-based singer/bandleader teases us with an uplifting track that tilts back to classic disco and R&B. Cross-dressing and a pink tutu figure in, the groove is guaranteed to get you moving, and Sinkane’s voice fairly bursts with joy.

London Afrobeat Collective: Topesa Esengo Na Motema

This U.K. juggernaut takes a broad approach to the Afrobeat genre, featuring singers from Somaliland, South Africa and, in this case, Congo. Globetrotting Juanita Euka, a niece of Luambo Makiadi Franco himself, graces this pumping, brassy track with sassy Lingala and French vocals. The hook is apt to stick with you all day.

Herve Samb: “Barbatóor” Live

Senegalese guitarist/singer-songwriter performs live here with his Teranga Band live at the Paris nighclub New Morning. Samb is an innovator with an adventurous guitar style. This song weaves mbalax-like sabar percussion chops into a rolling 12/8 groove, then eases into rubato balladry before building back to its racing groove. Makes you wish you were there for the whole show.

Rubim de Toledo feat. Karimah: “Equal Ground”

Brazilian jazz bassist and composer Rubim de Toledo is based in Canada these days, but his reach is truly global bringing in all sorts of Afro-Atlantic influences. This extra-funky track, from his recent album, The Drip, features tart, tasty vocals from R&B singer Karimah.

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