Blog December 6, 2018
All The Music from Our "Stocking Stuffers" Show

It has been the best year for music since at least 2017, am I right, folks? 

Banning and Georges put together a truly monstrous list of newly released music on this week's show. As someone who reads our emails, I know how many listeners want a chance to support these artists and be able to hear this music at their leisure, so we've gone ahead and compiled all the albums we featured right here. 

Enjoy! And if you want to treat your favorite radio program to a gift this holiday season, we'd like it all on vinyl, please.

Ebo Taylor, Yen Ara

Angelique Kidjo, Remain in Light

Bokanté & Metropole Orkest & Jules Buckley, What Heat

I’m Not Here to Hunt Rabbits

Listen All Around

Bombino, Deran

Delgres, Mo Jodi

Stella Chiweshe, Kasahwa: Early Singles

Toko Telo, Diavola

Damily, Valimbilo

Doctor Nativo, Guatemaya

King Koya, Tierra de King Coya

Anbessa Orchestra, Negestat

Hailu Mergia, Lala Belu

Sidi Touré, Toubalbero

Fatoumata Diawara, Fenfo

Harouna Samake, Kamele Blues

Hama Sankare, Ballébé: Calling All Africans

Irene Mawela, Ari Pembele: Let's Rejoice

Professor Rhythm, Professor 3

Qhizzo, Gqom Plug

Thabang Tabane, Matjale

Lucibela, Laço Umbilical

Los Rumberos de la Bahia, Mabagwe

RAM, RAM 7: August 1791

Bachata Haiti

Sarazino, Mama Funny Day

MHD, 19

Moulay Masters, Moulay Ahmed El Hassani, Atlas Electric

Tallawit Timbouctou, Hali Diallo

Dur-Dur Band, Dur-Dur of Somalia

Two Niles to Make A Melody

Cheikh Lô, Ne La Thiass

African Scream Contest 2

Docteur Nico, Dieu de la Guitare

Bumba Massa, V70

Jupiter and Okwess, Kin Sonic

Bixiga 70, Quebra Cabeça

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