Videos January 12, 2023
Amapiano DJ Mixers

Amapiano is undisputedly the most trending club music on the planet in 2023. It is a dance music not needing a playlist as the genre is a playlist. The music and the mix is created through samples and collaborations with DJs, vocalists and musicians, and is to be enjoyed as a flow. Listen to the mix sessions curated by The Balcony Mix Xperience, African Dance Music Through Culture Scenery, where DJs like MajorLeagueDjz, twin brothers born in America, but raised on South African soil, have taken to creating, producing, mixing, performing and marketing directly to consumers around EP releases and events. Amapiano is changing the industry in these profound ways and let's see what the future holds for the genre. Check them out.

A new documentary, This is Amapiano, tells the story of the genre to date, including the crucial role that viral dance challenges on TikTok have played in its global spread. #Amapiano generated over one billion views (1.6bn) on TikTok in 2021, with global streams on Spotify’s AmaPiano spotlight playlist increasing by 116%.

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