Blog August 9, 2018
DJ Mixanthrope Listens to the Kids

I don’t know how the phrase “out of the mouth of babes” is supposed to actually go, but one possible ending is “and straight onto DJ Mixanthrope’s latest mix,” which is titled “Playground: Cries from the Youth.”

The Berlin-based DJ has made Afrocentric mixes about money and heartbreak, but this time, rather than a shared subject matter, the unifying characteristic is the age of the performers: kids, running the gamut from toddlers to teens. Mixanthrope has cast his net geographically wide—from the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean across the globe to Brazil, up to Jamaica, down to South Africa.

People who had weird French teachers in high school likely can still remember something better than when to use the subjunctive case (which is…uh): that weird video of a rapping toddler named Jordy who watches his parents make out. I hadn’t thought about Jordy in years until I came across his record in Colombia, of all places (did not buy), but here is his peer group. 

My personal favorite stretch of music comes towards the end, with an AutoTune-heavy piece from the Tunisian artist Balti straight into a sweet old Christmas song from Argentina, far from the Jordy.

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