Videos August 8, 2022
Mádé Kuti Drops New Single: No More Wars

Mádé Kuti, son of Femi, grandson of Fela, is fresh off a U.S. tour with Femi and Positive Force, and on a roll. Over the rest of 2022, he'll be releasing a series of singles, starting with this one: "No More Wars."

The sentiment may seem self-explanatory, but Mádé explains that there's a personal dimension, as well as the global one. He says, “‘No More Wars’ is entirely about temper, control, and focus. It’s about experiences I’ve had that taught me to reflect intentionally before I react. The lyrics are inspired by my father’s consistency in following his path despite dealing with an overwhelming amount of harsh, untrue, and deliberately cruel people inside and outside of his circle.”

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