Blog March 26, 2019
WATCH: Razia Said’s New Video “Remandreny (The Parents)”

Malgasy singer/songwriter Razia Said has just released a colorful new video for her song “Remandreny,” from her late-2018 record The Road.

Said began recording the album while in Madagascar visiting her ailing grandmother, the woman who raised her, and the album returns again and again to themes of the passing of generations. As Banning Eyre uncovered in conversation with Said earlier this month, “’Remandreny,’ [is] a song of thanks to my grandmother, and really to all parents who raise children in uncertain times.”

The lyrics are sort of the opposite of Crosby Stills and Nash imploring parents to teach their children well, and pretty much the opposite of the “helicopter parenting” that seems pervasive in America. “Parents,” the chorus’s Malagasy lyrics translate, “There is not much to do/So don’t you worry too much.”

The video is full of vivid color and was shot, beautifully, in St. Lucia.

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