Blog December 4, 2020
Weekend Bliss: Madalisto Band’s “Ndalakwanji”

From busking on the streets of Lilongwe, Malawi, to the bright lights of YouTube, the Madalisto Band leaves 2020 with a one-off single and video, out on Bongo Joe Records. Check out “Ndalakwanji” right here:

The song is one of the earliest Madalisto Band tunes, dating back to when the duo first began busking on the streets of Malawi’s capital city. Yobu Malingwa lays down a melodic low end with his homemade, one-string babatone, while Yosefe Kalekeni drums with his heel and strums a four-string guitar. It’s rootsy, playful and kinetic, a juggling act that ends up looking effortless.

A local producer heard the group playing outside a shopping center in 2009, and by 2017 they were playing internationally in Zanzibar, then on to a tour of Europe. In 2019 they released an album called Wasalala, also on the Swiss label Bongo Joe Records.

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