Contests September 11, 2019
Win Tickets to See Lucibela—9/17 at Manhattan's Merkin Hall

We've been out here for Lucibela for a while—the Cape Verdean singer started in the shadow of Cesaria Evora but has steadily made her own name with a beautiful voice and outstanding ability to not just sing but interpret songs. Naturally we're already stoked for her New York debut next week and you should be too—especially because we want to send you to see her for free.

Win tickets to see Lucibela's New York debut at the Merkin Concert Hall on the Upper East Side on Tuesday, Sept. 17.

Winning is very simple: 1. If you're not signed up for our enewsletter, take two seconds and sign up for it—it's only once a week and is only going to tell you stuff you want to hear about (like, for instance, free concert tickets). If you're already signed up, skip right to the next step. 2. Email and with something like “Lucibela Tickets” in the subject line. That's it!

I'll email the winner on Sunday, and let them know they've won the pair of tickets, so keep an eye on those inboxes!

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