Afropop Classic November 16, 2023
African Legends: Remembering Manu Dibango

Cameroonian musician and composer Manu Dibango passed away on March 24, 2020 at his home in France, an early victim of Covid 19. This episode is a tribute to the exceptional man who, by chance, as he says, gave us the famous Soul Makossa, a tune that opened the Disco era.

In this episode of Afropop Worldwide, Georges Collinet goes back in time to recollect his friendship with his fellow Cameroonian. He explores the many ways their lives paralleled and intersected after they were sent to France by their parents for an education. This musical journey is enhanced by the wisdom and sonorous laughter of Manu Dibango and by the mesmerizing music culled from over 200 records that Manu produced over a 60 year career. We'll sample some Maxi Voom Voom - as Georges Collinet on the Voice Of America was known - and have a taste of Andouillette and Suya in Yaoundé, Cameroon. And we'll finally know how to correctly say "Ma Ma Ko, Ma Massa, Ma Ma Makossa." This episode is definitely a multi-sensory delight!

APWW #814

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