Closeup October 9, 2018
Gael Faye and the New Generation of Afropean Artists

Gael Faye is a musician and best-selling author, born in Burundi and living in France. In this podcast, Elodie Maillot introduces Faye’s music and breakthrough book Petit Pays (Small Country). Faye speaks about his precarious life as an exile, and about the growing community of Afropean artists in France. Faye now spends a lot of time in Rwanda, and reports on the growing impact of diaspora artists like himself, Congolese rapper Baloji, the Belgian-Rwandan singer Stromae and others are having in Africa, where they now mount major tours. Maillot updates the story of Africa’s artistic European diaspora with surprising and moving developments.

Produced by Elodie Maillot and Nina Pareja

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