Closeup November 14, 2017
Night at the Clash

Sound clashes have been a mainstay of reggae culture for decades. Mobile sound system teams face off to see who can best move the crowd with their selections of records and exclusive "dub plate" jingles. On a recent late night in Queens, seven sounds competed for the U.S. champion title, and many were surprised by the winner. We meet the sound system operators and talk to fans about why they love the clash scene. Produced by Noah Schaffer

About the producer:

Noah Schaffer is an award-winning music journalist based in Boston. He produced the 2017 Afropop Worldwide episode "Barbados at 50: Spouge to Soca" and is the roots and world music columnist for He is currently working on a story about southern soul for Living Blues magazine and a full-length oral history project with gospel legend Spencer Taylor Jr. and his group, the Highway QCs.

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