Hip Deep December 5, 2011
Sudan: A Musical History of Conflict and Diaspora

In advance of the coming fateful secession vote after decades of civil war, Afropop Worldwide gives you some historical perspective in this Hip Deep edition. Sudan presents a uniquely complex of Afro-Arab history and culture, and this program tells the country's story through music. A vibrant tradition of pan-Sudanese music was flowering in 1989 when an oppressive, Islamist government came to power. Many major artists then left the country, creating a far flung musical diaspora. Others--such as Mohammed Wardi, and Abdel Gadir Salilm--remained behind, weathering years of conflict and division. On this program historian Ahmad A. Sikainga helps listeners understand the complex social context of Darfur and other conflicts, while introducing them to Sudan's hybrid, cosmopolitan popular culture. Along the way we hear from Omer Ehsas (Darfur), Al Balabil (Nubia), Emmanuel Kembe (Southern Sudan), Rasha (new voice of the diaspora), and many others.

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