Hip Deep August 10, 2023
The Musical Legacy of Al Andalus, Part 2: Africa & Beyond

Even before the expulsion of Jews (1492) and converted Muslims, or Moriscos, (1610) from Al Andalus, many Andalusians crossed the Straight of Gibraltar to resettle in North Africa, and as far east as Syria. All these centuries later, Andalusian art forms and communities persist, especially in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Syria. This Hip Deep program examines the intriguing variety of Muslim "Andalusian" music traditions, especially in Morocco, Algeria, and Syria. Once again, our guide is Andalusian scholar Dwight Reynolds. We'll also hear from Moroccan musicians, a specialist on Syrian Andalusian traditions, and of course, we'll hear lots of music, including the Orchestra of Fes, Ensemble Essoundoussia of Tlemcen, Algeria, and legendary Syrian singer Sabri Moudallal. Produced by Banning Eyre.

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