Blog September 8, 2021
ÌFÉ Returns With New Single: “Fake Blood”

Having moved from Puerto Rico to New Orleans, ÌFÉ is back with a new single and video from their upcoming release, 0000+0000, out Nov. 5. Check it out right here:

The track, “Fake Blood,” was inspired by the Adam Curtis documentary Hypernormalisation, which asks “why are the systems—government, economic—that we have in place so universally recognized as lousy but also as unmovable?”

Otura Mun, ÌFÉ’s creative center, started writing the song about America’s response to the 2017 shooting in Las Vegas, or rather, the lack of a response.

“Gun violence is so rampant and mass shootings so common that the reaction to each new shooting seems somehow more bizarre and absurd than the last,” Mun says. “The solution to the problem is obvious, yet nothing will change because the political discourse is devoid of any real honest or sense of personal responsibility for the horrors we have created past and present.”

The song features Parisian-Congolese vocalist and sapeur Robby The Lord, and the album features guest spots from Yoruban guitarist Saint Ezekiel, and Herbie Hancock’s legendary percussionist Bill Summers.

The song portends an album of contemporary electronics blending with rhythms from Ifa, a West African divination practice of which Mun is a devotee. It’s rare dance music that brings a heady mix of spirituality and joy to the floor, warm but still urgent.

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