Blog December 31, 2020
NYT Recommends Ringing in 2021 With Bab L’Bluz, Garifuna Collective, More

With 2020 at last limping to an end, you might be wondering how to set your New Year’s Eve apart from a wash of months worth of staying in with your family. New York Times travel writer Sebastian Modak has a put together a great playlist for you to put on while you finally start soaking those black-eyed peas you bought in bulk in March.

Featuring artists and songs featured right here on Afropop including Gnawa-fushionists Bab L’Bluz, Malian desert rockers Songhoy Blues and the Garifuna Collective’s recent collaboration with the birds, Modak jumps from Africa to the Americas and even touches base in South Korea with a dreamy track from Aseul. Late legends Toots Hibbert and Tony Allen both appear with selections from this year, on what turned out to be their final releases.

Use up the rest of your free articles this month on this feature right here, as we toast the end of a year we’re all looking forward to looking back on.

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